Ah, sweet summer! Let the maddening crowds head for the lakes and campgrounds; we'll hang out in our garden patches. Just take time to enjoy the beauty of your garden...coffee and muffins out on the deck to start the day, anyone?

June's a busy month in the garden, but all the work is well worth it when cucumbers and tomatoes and other garden goodies start ripening in a few short weeks.
Plant (seed)
Transplant (starts) Sow for transplanting
Amaranth Cantaloupe Brussels sprouts
Forsythia Basil (till mid-June) Celery Cabbage Lettuce
Azaleas Bush and pole beans
Eggplant Cauliflower Squash blossoms
Rhododendrons Beets Peppers Peas
Carrots Tomatoes
Chervil Watermelon
Sweet corn Squash
Edamame soybeans
Leeks (to overwinter)
Bolt-resistant lettuce
Malabar spinach
New Zealand spinach
Summer Savory
  • Plan and start planting the fall/winter garden
    Stay on top of the weeding. Mulch to discourage weeds and conserve water.
  • Keep an eye out for powdery mildew, aphids, leafhoppers, squash bugs and leafminers.
  • Fertilize the lawn to keep it lush and green.

In the (Vegetable) Garden

  • "Hill" the potatoes. Pull some dirt up around the potato plants once they get stems close to a foot long, leaving about four inches uncovered. You can also mulch them with dry leaves or grass mulch from your compost pile. Continue the hilling process every few weeks till mid-July.
  • Put up supports for tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and other vines

Where the Flowers Grow

  • Remove spent pods from rhodies and azaleas
  • Prune early spring bloomers after blooming's finished (lilacs, rhododendrons, azaleas, forsythia)
  • Fertilize about a month after plants start to appear


  • Fruit trees need attention (when do they not?): fertilizing, pruning, netting, thinning and watering, of course.

Fruit Bearers

  • Net blueberry bushes -- birds like those berries, too.
  • As cherries ripen, spray for cherry fruit flies and brown rot
  • Thin apples, peaches and pears when fruit is nickel-sized.
  • Spray apples and pears for codling moth and scab.
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Other Recommendations
  • Get the family out in the garden! June weather is pleasant, and tasks are interesting and easier with many hands.
  • Enjoy the views of early summer, local microbrew in hand, from your hammock/lawn chair/pool raft/garden bench.

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This information comes from a variety of sources, including the Gardening Guide from the Grange Coop and the Garden Guide for the Rogue Valley, from the Jackson County Master Gardeners Association.