Garden Gab: New Veggies?

You tell us...

Artichoke bud

Are you thinking of trying any new vegetables in your garden? Planning season is upon us, and we're curious...

Are you sticking with the same tried-and-true Early Girl tomatoes and standard squash?

Or are you venturing into slightly more exotic territory? Artichokes? Cauliflower? Brussels sprouts? Other "weird" veggies?

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Arty Chokes
I grew artichokes last year but just let them bloom. They were beautiful. Couldn't figure out when to "pick" them for eatin'.
morning.glory , January 14, 2011
meine gedanken
Need to find good soil..and possibly a green thumb.smilies/grin.gif and also, maybe some plants.. wish me luck.
Junkekerstudent , February 04, 2011

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