Garden Gab: Flower Choices

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What's catching your eye at the nurseries and garden centers right now? Are you sticking with your standby choices or branching out to something new this year?

Why or why not?

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It's Compost Time!
Phoenix Organics has the best and only OMRI organic certified compost around. This stuff made my garden bloooooom. It's got to be the best deal around too. $39.95 for a cubic yard. Enough to do my veggie garden and flower beds. smilies/grin.gif
Myco , December 23, 2011
Great info thanks for the tip! For those not familiar with Phoenix Organics in the Rogue Valley -
Todd , February 26, 2012
Yellow Magnolia a charmer.
The Backyarder
I have been wanting a Yellow Saucer Magnolia for years. Finally found some at So Oregon Nursery this month. Don't confuse this with those huge messy trees that look like giant rubber plants. This is a polite smaller specimen worthy of being featured in a special landscape area.
The Backyarder , August 16, 2012
The Backyarder
Crocosmia is an awesome perennial that is blooming in yards with red/orange/gold splendor right now. 8 bucks gets you a nicely started specimen that, placed in a sunny spot in the yard, brings great attention with its tall stems and leaves and stunning colors.
The Backyarder , July 14, 2013

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