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Happy Thanksgiving!
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Todd created a new topic Protecting Tomatoes from Deer - Need Tips! in the forums.
We've got a discussion going on Facebook that is turning into a love-in for tomatoes. WillowsMoon Cottage was asking about protecting tomatoes from deer. Since this is such a common problem, I thought we could start a thread here with tips on keeping our treasured tomatoes safe.

All that I've seen is high-fences/wire protection, but even that seems to return mixed results. Other suggestions?
10:39 AM
2 weeks ago
Todd created a new topic The importance of protecting soil in the forums.
I was recently reading this article posted on the www.plantnatural.com blog and thought I'd share as I'm curious about the reaction of many to the use of pesticides and their affect on our gardens, soil, food, etc.

My wife and I have both been finding our selves opperating in a more pesticide-aware fashion (carefully cleaning food, buying organic in certain situations, etc.) as the issues become more common knowledge.

So, how does everyone else view pesticides and the importance of maintaining healthy, pesticide-free soil? Is this overblown?

Easy article reference: www.planetnatural.com/soil-resource/
Apr 01
36 months ago
j.mcd wrote on Todd's Walls
excited for gardening?! ...
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excited for gardening?!
Wednesday, 20 April 2011 18:08

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