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24 months ago
The Backyarder replied to the topic Re: Is it possible to amend clay soil? in the forums.
This is a great question, and the answer is of course you can amend your soil! While we are fans of raised garden beds, our valleys clay soils can be worked into very favorable gardening matter. Our favorite here at RVG is aged horse manure. It fills with worms, becomes a fine fibrous material which tills well into the clay, and creates a very nutritious medium for planting!
Oct 01
27 months ago
Todd created a new topic Growing Roses in the forums.
I wanted to start this thread as roses are such a popular flower in our valley. While we have an article on the site that covers the basics of rose growing, I wanted to share this resource as well - - it's filled with rose-specific information and resources for those looking to learn more.
Jun 16
The backyarder's fence is just over 7'. We bought 8' round wooden posts, sunk em 1.5', ran 4' horse fence, then strung a couple of extra wires with pans/flags around the top. No invaders to this point.
Jun 13
29 months ago
Todd replied to the topic Re: Protecting Tomatoes from Deer - Need Tips! in the forums.
Just came across this article on Shooting Star Nursery's website - Provides a list of deer-resistant plants that might be helpful for those dealing with them each season. I've also attached the pdf version for quick access.
Apr 21
Todd created a new topic Protecting Tomatoes from Deer - Need Tips! in the forums.
We've got a discussion going on Facebook that is turning into a love-in for tomatoes. WillowsMoon Cottage was asking about protecting tomatoes from deer. Since this is such a common problem, I thought we could start a thread here with tips on keeping our treasured tomatoes safe.

All that I've seen is high-fences/wire protection, but even that seems to return mixed results. Other suggestions?
Apr 15
Hi June!
When it comes to placing tomatoes outside, we don't hurry. We say "May is in plenty of time, but June is just fine!". Outdoor temps in our area in April Avg upper 50's high and upper 30's low. May temps are better (70/40). There are an avg 6 freezing days in April and only 1 in May. Since we want soil temps that are 50+ at night and at least 60 daytime, it is better to wait till May. Fact is, we like to start in May, and plant at one or two three-week intervals so we get a longer harvest. Do you have a soil thermometer or a meat thermometer with a low temp range? Check soil temps in the microclimate of your planting bed and follow the temps above for best transplant time.
Regarding transplanting, if you are willing to transplant twice, we suggest transplanting into larger pots if you now have your plants in containers 4" size or smaller. You will do more for your plants keeping them safe in pots but giving them larger room for root growth than if you plant them outside now.
When you do put them out in the garden, we hope that you are alternating your planting area at least every other year to protect from disease and keep soil healthy. Sun, sun, sun is the rule for choosing planting spots.
Also, a boost of water soluble 5-10-5 fertilizer or some diluted chicken manure tea at planting will give you a nice advantage. (Stay away from high nitrogen.)Water the soil deeply every 4-5 days from below the leaf level. Don't water from above.
Hope this helps. I included things you likely already know, but I hope others will benefit.
Any other tips, friends?

Say, do you have a link for info on "square foot gardening"? That's new to us (but we don't know everything yet) .
Happy gardening June! Keep us posted!
The Backyarder @ RVG
Apr 15
30 months ago
Todd created a new topic The importance of protecting soil in the forums.
I was recently reading this article posted on the blog and thought I'd share as I'm curious about the reaction of many to the use of pesticides and their affect on our gardens, soil, food, etc.

My wife and I have both been finding our selves opperating in a more pesticide-aware fashion (carefully cleaning food, buying organic in certain situations, etc.) as the issues become more common knowledge.

So, how does everyone else view pesticides and the importance of maintaining healthy, pesticide-free soil? Is this overblown?

Easy article reference:
Apr 01