Fruit Gardening Articles

Nothing tops a perfect piece of fruit!  Learn what fruits grow well, how to grow them, and even what wonderful things you can make with your fruit with the RVG fruit gardening articles and resources.

One of the biggest perks when gardening in the Rogue Valley is the sheer variety of choices that we gardeners have. Included in this myriad of options is one of our most beloved berries: the blueberry. While getting a healthy batch of blueberries can be a very rewarding and tasty treat, there are some important things to pay attention to when growing these in your Rogue Valley garden.

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First off, if you were hoping to slap some blueberry plants in the ground tomorrow, you might be disappointed. Preparing the soil 6 months to 1 year ahead of time gives the soil time to acidify. Throwing in some broken down leaves or similar materials to improve drainage and soil breathability is recommended. Blueberries grow best in light, well-drained soils with lots of organic content.

Growing apples is a rewarding endeavor, but a long-term commitment. It will take up to ten years from the time you plant those little trees until they reach maximum apple production capacity.

Growing Basics
Apple trees need a cold season and do not do well in climates that are warm year round, so Southern Oregon fits the bill.


To grow apples, you will need an area large enough for at least two trees planted about 8 to 15 feet apart, because you'll need two trees of different varieties to ensure pollination. If you don't have space for two trees, consider buying a grafted tree that bears multiple varieties of apples. This type of tree will be "self-pollinating" because it will pollinate using its different varieties.