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This section is a list of resources we've found valuable from around the web.  Many of them have gone missing and our hope is to preserve many of these great resources for our visitors!  In the case of resources that are now no longer available, we have made sure to credit the original source.  Be sure to visit those sites for further information.


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--Brilliantly simple re-purposing of old jeans. We especially like it because of the use of  the waistband for an easy and perfectly fitting replacement for tie-off strands!

The following PDF (linked to below) was originally provided by the Washington State University Extension. It contains a variety of excellent information on organic gardening that we wanted to be able to provide to our readers. This information used to be available to the public at

You can now view this information here:

*Note: The original version of this article was found at which is no longer active. Our hope is to preserve these great guidelines.

Guidelines for Water Use on Lawns and Gardens

  • Watering your lawn a single time deeply is more beneficial than several light waterings. This method encourages deep root growth.
  • In general, lawns need about 1-2" of water a week. When temperatures rise, it's wise to water an inch or so every 3-4 days.
  • Many people use an old tuna or catfood can to track the amount of water dispersed. When the can fills, it's time to turn off that water.
Know Your Soil

The following information will help you understand your soil and know what it needs.