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Few things are as striking as beautiful roses.  We're lucky enough to have a climate that Roses love.  For those living in the Southern Oregon region, our valley is in fact listed in other articles and forums as one of the most favorable places for growing roses, along with Portland (the “City of Roses” with its warm dry summers and mild rainy winters), northern California, southwest Idaho, and northwest Nevada.  That being said, if you don't live in one of those areas, read on anyway to learn how to grow roses!

red roses
Photo: sxc.hu/bassplyr34

Even if you have a favorable climate for growing roses there are rose basics one should know to ensure best possible success with this world renowned “flower of all flowers”.

By nature, I'm not a particularly greedy person. But "greedy" is the only good way to describe the way I act around the spring's first cart of pansies or primroses, and later on, poppies and anemones. My eyes narrow to suspicious, unattractive little slits as I glance shiftily at my fellow shoppers, assessing each person's likelihood of snatching the plants I want. It's not that I have some crazy love for early annuals (though I do like pansies), it's that these early plants mean spring is here! And in my little brain, spring is in danger of being bought up by everyone else, and I won't get any.

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