How Do I...Create a Photo Album?

Need some help creating a photo album? Follow along with the pictures and you'll be an album-creating maniac in no time! Before you get started, as always, make sure you log in, which you can do at the very top of this and any other page on the site. If you're not a member already, sign up. Then follow these directions.













After you've found and clicked on the "Garden Community" link to get into the community, you'll arrive at this page.














From this main page in the community, use the navigation bar to get to the Photos section.














From this page, you can see any other albums you already have (though if you're looking at this article, this page is probably blank).














Name your album, tell people what's in it (is it about flowers, or tomatoes, or your yard project....) Then create it!













Now that the album is set up, it's time to add pictures.















You can easily upload multiple pictures from this page. Once you've selected the pictures from your computer's hard drive (this step isn't pictured) hit "Start Upload" and your images will begin uploading to the site.















Success! You should see thumbnails of the pictures you've uploaded next to the pumpkin example thumbnail above.

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