About the Rogue Valley Gardener
RVG was founded on the idea that gardening is communal. Many of us have gardens that our whole families participate in growing. We eat meals made out of what we've grown, we admire the gardens of our neighbors and we connect with local farmers and florists at growers markets.

There's something beautiful and simple about growing something together. RVG is designed to broaden our community beyond just the folks we know, so that a back-yard gardener in Eagle Point can get tomato-growing advice from a professional local grower who's perfected the technique. We want to provide gardeners of all ages and abilities with information and resources to become the kind of gardeners they want to be.

Put simply, our primary mission is to educate individuals about gardening and connect them with one another around its joys and benefits.

There's another kind of growth we want to support in our valley, too: economic growth. We want our local nurseries, landscapers and garden supply shops to flourish, because they're connecting with customers who want what they've got. As we develop, we hope to place an important role in helping consumers connect with service providers and retailers in the home and garden, food, and related lifestyle industries through our content.

Who Are We?

Steve McDonald, Owner

The Rogue Valley Gardener was his brainchild, and he's excited to see RVG come together, as a place where regular gardeners, smarty-pants gardeners and plant-killers can all share their experiences.

Steve's a certified Master Gardener, an amateur landscaper, and a highly qualified DIY-er. He and his wife Betsy live in East Medford.